Case Studies

Success Stories

Just a few examples of how we helped our clients take their audience development efforts to the next level.

Boss Hunting
Boss Hunting is one of Australia’s leading men’s publications. Targeting the male demographic in the 18-40 age bracket, the publication offers a mixture of news, careers advice and lifestyle content. Boss Hunting started life in 2021 as pages on Facebook and Tumblr, before launching its first website in 2015. The publication’s focus on quality content saw its readership expand to 5 million as of 2020.
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Boss Hunting increased its organic traffic in 2022-2023 by 107%
We Are Explorers
We Are Explorers (WAE) is a leading publisher within Australia’s flourishing micro-adventures community. WAE appeals to a broad demographic consisting of those interested in outdoor experiences.
WAE was launched in 2014 by passionate adventure seekers based in Australia who aimed to make content that inspired people to live more adventurously. The site’s extensive network of similarly passionate writers, photographers and filmmakers produces authentic and award-winning content.
We Are Explorers Increased its organic traffic by 4X
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