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Drive traffic to your digital publication with our strategic content approach that will engage your audience with compelling storytelling and supercharge your conversion rates.


Information Architecture

Information architecture is the structural foundation of content marketing solutions, allowing brands to organize and present content to meet their overall strategic goals. Ensuring users can quickly locate the information they want is key to creating an engaging user experience (UX).

How We’ll Support You

We’ll design a flexible and logical content hierarchy, properly label and organize content for SEO, conduct content mapping and ensure consistent branding and messaging. We’ll show your team how to adapt your information architecture as you grow and your needs change.


Workflow Management

Your content strategy’s success will hinge on optimizing your organization’s workflow. If your content creation, distribution and maintenance tasks and processes aren’t properly coordinated and optimized, your long-term targets will fall out of reach. Beyond that, we’ll also show you how to integrate our content flywheel strategy for more impactful content creation.

How We’ll Support You

We’ll work with your content marketing team to develop a full-cycle content calendar, facilitate collaboration between creatives, provide clear content creation style guides, streamline content reviews and integrate SEO strategies and tools. We’ll also work on systemizing content performance reviews and establishing content update and maintenance processes.


Content Auditing

A content strategy must include frequent content audits if it is to succeed. Audits allow us to oversee content performance evaluation and monitoring and iterate on where it’s underperforming, no longer aligns with strategic goals, or fails to resonate with the target audience.

How We’ll Support You

We’ll create a comprehensive content inventory, assess its coverage and SEO quality, analyze performance metrics, conduct keyword research, identify gaps, map where planned and existing pieces fall within the marketing funnel, check for brand and style consistency, and ensure that it complies with relevant industry regulations and legal requirements.

Content Equity

Content Equity

Content equity measures content’s long-term value and impact on your brand or organization. Building and maintaining content equity ensures that your content contributes long-term, enduring brand value.

How We’ll Support You

We’ll build content equity by creating high-quality content that clearly addresses your target audience’s pain points. We’ll focus on evergreen topic pillar clusters to ensure that your content continues to attract and engage audiences long after its initial publication. We’ll also constantly monitor content analytics to build on success and address improvement areas.

Some of the Digital Media and Publishing
Clients We’ve Helped

Our Process



Our team conducts site audits to ensure that your website content is relevant, engaging, and optimized for both users and search engines. We also analyze internal and external linking to ensure your pages are well-connected and easy to navigate. Additionally, we investigate technical issues that may impact your site’s performance and take necessary actions to improve your website’s traffic and revenue.



Our content strategy solutions are tailored to enhance website engagement and boost content distribution by providing insightful analytics and optimizing content engagement. We identify the top and rising content and convert them into templates to capitalize on their success. This approach helps achieve a higher return on investment and better content performance.

Strategy Development

Our team develops a comprehensive SEO content strategy that includes keyword research, on-page optimization, and internal linking to improve search engine rankings and drive organic traffic. We believe that high-quality content is crucial for building a loyal audience and generating revenue through various monetization strategies. By creating optimized content for both search engines and users, we can increase engagement, encourage repeat visits, and ultimately drive conversions.

Capabilities building

Publishing Velocity

Continuously refine and enhance editorial performance, encompassing all content types, to augment topical expertise and increase audience growth, engagement, and monetization.

Our Approach

SEO Solutions Our Approach

This model organizes content pages to create a more structured and targeted site architecture.

This organizational strategy focuses on clustering related articles together around specific topics, rather than spreading loosely related or unrelated content across multiple pages of a site.

SODP adopts the above flywheel approach (across all content types including news) when developing your reader engagement and overall audience from organic search:

  • Build your informational content whilst re-optimizing existing content to increase your traffic baseline
  • Add content to your cluster that will earn you links and speed up your content flywheel
  • Direct users to tactical and conversion/monetized focused content that drives better outcomes
  • This also forms your content pillar and clusters
  • Increase your content velocity overtime to develop topical authority and generate faster results.

What Publisher Clients Say

Gizmo Story traffic
Mohit Pathria

When we started working with the SODP team, we had only 60k monthly visitors and were struggling to grow our website. The SODP team quickly analyzed our website and provided us some valuable insights, which helped us achieve 300k monthly visitors in just 4 months, which is a remarkable achievement! We continued with the membership and grew our website to ~800k visitors with the help of the online training and educational materials available. I highly recommend SODP to anyone looking to grow their web property. I want to thank Vahe and the SODP team for helping us achieve our goal.

Dezaak Traffic
Justus Fokker

SODP has been an absolute change from the other SEO companies we have worked with in the past by really focusing on how to best create, deliver and push our content as a publisher. They have helped us grow our website and are a trusted sparring partner.

Dezaak Traffic
WAE Traffic
Tim Ashelford

You don’t know what you don’t know, but SODP do! Vahe and the team live and breathe SEO and from day one they’ve been passionate about helping our content reach the audience it deserved. They understand the realities of publishing and work to help you create high-performing content that doesn’t compromise on quality. Best third party we’ve ever engaged!

How Our

Content Strategy Services Work

Publisher SEO could potentially mean different things to different people, due to an individual’s position, website maturation,  internal capabilities and desired outcomes.

Due to our core areas of expertise in Google News SEO, Editorial & Content Strategy development/execution, Information Architecture & Technical SEO and Capabilities Building allows you to holistically benefit organization wide or focused on a particular challenge.

All of our team members, whether senior team members who have come from and worked with publishers prior to starting with SODP, or specialists that have built their skills with SODP from scratch, have gone through our extensive Publisher SEO course to make sure we continue being leaders in our niche. We are also publishers ourselves and can connect and share the daily challenges and resolutions you need to be more efficient and effective in your audience development efforts.

Content Auditing
Content Equity
Content Equity
Information Architecture
Workflow Management

Keep Your Goals in Sight

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day challenges of publishing. Develop a plan and process to take your media property to the next level and beyond, and let State of Digital Publishing (SODP) help as your extended team to make this happen. If you have any doubts, here are answers to some common questions that underscore why you should request your complimentary review sooner rather than later.

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