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Grow your customer base by exponentially increasing your brand’s visibility in search engines and getting discovered by the right audience.

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Develop a Roadmap

Recognize the past, present and future directions of your website and how to make a difference. Let us guide you to your SEO success.


Target Readers, Listeners and Viewers

Learn how to create, systemize and enhance content that captures the attention of your prospects.

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Increase Organic Performance Baseline Over Time

Publish content that will steadily increase your organic traffic and revenue.

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Our EdTech professionals search for content, internal and external and technical traffic and revenue opportunities carried out during site audits.


Optimize for Engagement

Our EdTech SEO solutions are developed to maximize user interaction on websites. This results in deeper insights, improved content engagement, and wider content conversions. We capitalize on and target high-quality and trending content during the campaign’s early stages.

Strategy Development

To increase internal linking, raise brand recognition, and entice searchers to click, interact, and return, we develop a thorough SEO content plan. High-quality content is the secret to audience growth and revenue techniques.


Publishing Velocity

Iterate and enhance editorial content performance and subject authority to increase audience size, engagement, and revenue.

Our Approach

SEO Solutions Our Approach

The Topic Cluster Model

This model organizes content pages to create a more structured and targeted site architecture.

This organizational strategy focuses on clustering related articles together around specific topics rather than spreading loosely related or unrelated content across multiple pages of a site.

SODP adopts the above flywheel approach (across all content types, including news) when developing your reader engagement and overall audience from organic search:

  • Build your informational content whilst re-optimizing existing content to increase your traffic baseline
  • Add content to your cluster that will earn you links and speed up your content flywheel
  • Direct users to tactical and conversion/monetized-focused content that drives better outcomes
  • This also forms your content pillar and clusters
  • Increase your content velocity over time to develop topical authority and generate faster results.
Our Strengths

Experienced SEO Professionals Here to Help

SEO could potentially mean different things to different people, due to an individual’s position, website maturation,  internal capabilities and desired outcomes.

Our core areas of expertise in Editorial & Content Strategy development/execution, Information Architecture & Technical SEO and Capabilities Building allow you to holistically benefit organization wide or focused on a particular challenge.

All of our team members, whether senior team members with extensive prior SEO experience, or specialists that have built their skills with SODP from scratch, have gone through extensive trainings to ensure a unified approach, allowing us to remain leaders in our niche.

Editorial & Content Strategy
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Information Architecture and Technical SEO
Capabilities building
Capabilities building

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