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Punch above your weight by taking advantage of expertly designed and optimized infrastructure, workflows, and tech stacks.


CMS Migration

Migrating to a new CMS is a complex, multi-layered process for most publishers. Between moving existing processes and workflows, ensuring minimal/no impact on SEO, trying to minimize downtime, and training the team on new processes, a CMS migration project must be executed flawlessly and expertly.

How We’ll Support You

Our team of experts will do just that: migrate your digital property onto a new CMS with zero downtime, optimized workflows, no SEO casualties, and a series of training sessions to ensure smooth adoption of the new system.


Hosting Migration

Choosing the right hosting platform is critical for digital publishers due to its profound impact on website performance, scalability, user experience, monetization opportunities, and overall success. Without proper preparation and execution, hosting migrations can lead to downtime, data loss, and negative SEO consequences, making it a tricky and high-stakes endeavor for digital publishers.

How We’ll Support You

We design and execute a migration plan that expertly transitions your digital property on a new hosting platforms with zero downtime. Our team’s in-depth understanding and technical expertise of hosting migration allows us to eliminate and mitigate all risks, including data loss, negative SEO impacts, and more.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

To remain competitive, digital publishers are under constant pressure to optimize processes for maximum performance. However, outdated technologies and processes prevent organizations from reaching their full potential. Does that sound familiar? We can help!

How We’ll Support You

Whether you are looking for advice on which CMS best matches your needs, how to build and utilize the right tech stacks to optimize processes and workflows, or which hosting platform delivers the ultimate mix of performance and functionality, our team of experts has the depth of technical expertise and hands-on experience to guide you.


Infrastructure Audit and Consulting

A digital publishing business is typically built on a wide range of technologies, workflows, and processes. However, each new addition to the existing infrastructure modifies it, and not always for the better. That’s why it is crucial for digital publishers to regularly audit their infrastructure, identify gaps and performance hindrances, and ensure continuous alignment with organizational goals.

How We’ll Support You

We will assess your infrastructure – both the technologies and what workflows connect them – on a macro and micro levels. By zooming out in our analysis, we will determine the infrastructure’s alignment with the goals and priorities of your business. By taking a close look at individual components, we will identify gaps and opportunities.

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Our Process


Audit and Prep

We first audit your processes, infrastructure, and workflows. This allows us to create a detailed migration/digital transformation strategy that accounts for every factor, no matter how small, as well as integrates your organizational priorities and transformation goals.



Our team, in coordination with your stakeholders, implements the migration/transformation strategy through a step-by-step process, testing and auditing the changes at every milestone. The implementation is executed by our highly trained and specialized technical team members.


Upon completing the migration, our team conducts tests to ensure the new processes, systems, and workflows function exactly as designed. We provide your team with a detailed set of instructions on how to adopt the new system and integrate new technologies moving forward.


Capabilities Building

Should the process reveal capabilities gaps, we will set up a series of trainings that will help you upskill your staff and strengthen internal capabilities.

How Our

Migration & Digital Transformation Services Work

In the digital publishing landscape, optimizing your property’s performance is paramount for growing and engaging audiences, strengthening reader loyalty, and maximizing revenue streams.

However, CMS and hosting migration projects require not only technical skills but also the right mix of industry knowledge and SEO best practices. The stakes are too high with migration projects to leave any room for mistakes.

Having worked with a diverse portfolio of publishers and personally executed a rich portfolio of migration and digital transformation projects, we are uniquely positioned to assist your organization. We have the technical skills needed to flawlessly execute your digital transformation or migration project as well as the industry know-how to align the migration with your strategic goals.

CMS Migration
Hosting migration
Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
Infrastructure Audit

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